Website Design by EllyFont

Q & A

Is my website 100% custom designed?

Yes. Your website will be 100% custom designed. I will build it as per your business requirement, your specifications and your ideas.

I will work together to capture your thoughts, ideas, colour choices, look and feel and navigation structure. We will design your custom website just the way you want it.

Are your websites responsive?

All the websites that I design for you are fully responsive with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Your website will resize automatically based on the device your visitors use.

Will my website be social media friendly?

Yes. I will connect your website with all your social business pages ensuring a seamless social media experience. and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

Can you create my new website similar to another sample website?

Yes. I can create your new website based on the sample website that you provide me. Of course, i will use my own ideas and creativity to make it look even better than the sample website.

Can I get my own personalised email address?

Yes. I will create any personalised email address for your domain name. For example, [email protected].

I already have a domain name. How will you work with it?

I will be glad to transfer your domain name, so that I could host and manage your website. Just let me know your domain subscription details and I will seamlessly handle the transfer without any disruption whatsoever.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes. I partner with some of the most reliable hosting companies in the market, Webflow and 1and1. I will be glad to host your website with any one of my partners for an additional monthly fee of £20.

How do we future proof your website?

Your website will be built using latest technologies, best practices and industry standards. I use flexible and reliable HTML5 built in Webflow. I also ensure that your website is up to date with the current standards and technology.

How are you different from other design web design companies?

1) All my websites are 100% custom designed from scratch (whereas most design agencies build their websites from pre created templates)

2) My prices are typically 50% lesser compared to other design agencies (who produce work of comparable quality)

I will design your custom website just the way you want it. You will never get a templated website, which is what you usually get from most other website design agencies. You truly get a 100% hand crafted website at a sensible price from me.

Can you maintain my website?

Yes. All my 'Hosted' websites come with a website maintenance plan included in the £20 a month hosting fee . This would cover making any text or image changes to your website, creation and deletion of email id's whenever you require. Please note this maintenance option would only cover text or image changes and does not cover new page designs.

How will you ensure my website is search engine (SEO) friendly?

I will ensure that your website has the most relevant meta tags, meta description and keywords for search engines to identify and show your site on the search result pages. Basic search engine optimisation is part of our website package.

What are your payment terms?

I offer a simple payment plan. I start the work upon receiving 50% advance payment and on completion and delivery, receive the remaining 50%. Hosting and maintenance plans are paid in advance by standing order.